ProHunter Dog Food
ProHunter - Active Dog Food

Drahthaar, Setter, Pointer and more...
Active dogs are very special to hunters and always will be. We were inspired by these professional Active dogs and developed the “ProHunter” dog food with more protein, energy and fat.


It's been 20 years since Bil-Mama made Turkey's

first domestic dog food.

In this process, we prepared a special food for the special dogs of hunters, our biggest customer base. ProHunter is the new food for active dogs of Turkey, which has been improving us for years with their feedback.



85% of the protein source comes from animal sources.


ProHunter dog food is formulated to meet all the needs of active dogs with its high protein content.

It provides high energy with its high fat content and helps your dog stay active.


The content of Chondroitin Sulfate and Glucosamine contributes to the active life of your active dog by strengthening its joints.

Drahthaar Hound

One of the most interesting features of the German breed Drahthaar dogs is their success in adapting to wet climatic regions due to their long and dense hair. For this reason, it is one of the indispensable active dogs for those who have to active in constantly rainy or wet areas. The Drahthaar active dog, which can be trained easily and is extremely sensitive to its owner, is very warm and close to the people it knows, even though it is distant to strangers.

Setter Active Dog

One of the most sought-after traits in a active dog is undoubtedly its ferma ability. The fact that the edict, which can be called the ability to search for prey with as much desire and eager looks as the hunter, is developed in active dogs, makes the work of hunters much easier. Let's note that the development of this feature of active dogs, which is expected to be much more careful and sharper than a human, depends on some features. However, there is information that a factor from the race also affects the ferma ability. In this respect, racial predisposition is one of the most important reasons for the rapid development of ferma abilities of setter breed dogs. The Setter active dog, which can even notice the prey that is hiding with its honey-yellow eyes and notify its owner, never frightens, and misses its prey while doing this. This makes the presence of Setter dogs important during hunting. In addition, the Setter is capable of tracking odors both from the air and from the ground.

Pointer Hound

One of the most important features of the Pointer active dog is its energetic nature. For this reason, it never gets tired, and acts determined despite the difficult terrain conditions. Pointer, which shows an example of high loyalty towards its owner, is an English dog breed. It always expresses his confidence in itself with his stance and looks. It always expresses its confidence in itself with its stance and looks. It has a slim and fit stance. It moves quickly, its ability to follow its prey is developed. The Pointer is a dog breed with a well-developed ability to smell from the air and from the ground. Its ability to smell from the ground is more successful than the smells it takes from the air.